Entry #1

Free Graphic design!

2007-08-26 18:03:49 by halo364

Need graphic design for your company, your website, or your animations? Look no further! I will gladly design logos, backgrounds,icons, or anything else for any of the above mentioned things. I specialize in abstract and futuristic type design, so that is the best thing to ask for, but I can do almost anything. Cheers!

Note: I only do logos, buttons, layouts, backgrounds, icons, etc... No drawing or actionscript.


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2008-05-26 15:49:02


Nice header!


2009-01-15 18:31:32

whatever you do don't go into the closet of unimaginable psychological torment


2010-11-06 23:40:58

can you send me some madness gun sounds?